What is Penile Prosthesis Surgery ?

If medical treatment fails, a penile prosthesis can be implanted to fully restore rigidity, while not interfering with natural shape and form of the penis, natural feeling, natural pleasure, natural ejaculation, fertility and urination, all of which are preserved. It only addresses rigidity that is completely restored.

When one desires erection, he induces rigidity in the penis by manipulating it in a special way that varies according to the type of prosthesis implanted. When the penis is made rigid, it stays that way for any length of time required, until one undoes rigidity by another manipulation. Intercourse can thus be possible for any number of sessions, every day, and for any desired length of time.

The prosthesis is a device that is inserted through a small incision that is concealed and does not usually appear. The implant is totally hidden inside the body.

This usually takes an average of 60 minutes of surgery, and does not usually require any length of hospital stay. 

The following video demonstrates how penile implants look like in real-life